An interview with GSK

Two fierce teams from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) have entered to compete in Dragon Bay this year. We caught up with team captain and coordinator Fran this week, to find out how they have been preparing and which brave and adventurous souls decided to join them in their dragon boats!


Tell us about GSK and who’s entering into your team
It’s a mixture of people from operations, engineering, logistics, quality, compliance and senior leaders. One of our drummers is a recent graduate, Ruby Brown. The other is yet to be elected!


Why did GSK want to get involved?
We think Dragon Bay is a great cause. We are always keen to get involved in community events that have real meaning.


Did you take part last year?
Yes, we did. Last year we only had one boat though this year we are having two as even more people wanted to do it! They had such fun last year.

Team GSK in yellow dragon boat - Dragon Bay 2015


Do you have a team name yet?
Not yet, we are still thinking about it…


Which charity/charities will you be fundraising for and why?
We aren’t asking for sponsorship since GSK supports Save the Children as its chosen charity. The whole site have been behind many fund raising events already this year.


Will your team be dressing up for the day?
Yes, expect to see some vibrant costumes! Last year we won the award for best costumes and we hope to win that again this year!

Team GSK with pink headdress

Who in your team is the most competitive?
Ah, that’s hard to say as they are a very competitive bunch…


The New Zealanders have the Hakka in rugby. Will your team have a war cry to stir terror and thus win the Dragon Bay trophy?
Indeed they will, last year they could be heard prior to each heat.


Favourite dragon from a film/book/TV/anywhere?
The dragon from Shrek and the baby donkey dragons 🙂


Emoji(s) that best represent your team?
A bunch of stars ✨


What is your team’s fight song/your team’s motivational song?
Proud by Heather Small (it’s our company song)


Anything else interesting to share about preparations for Dragon Bay?
We are planning outfits, training etc. to get Dragon Boat ready!

Dragon Bay 2015 team from GSK


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