Dragon Bay 2014

“Oh buoy”! Dragon Bay 2014 event was a great success with everyone having an “oarsome” time. The event saw five teams “seas the day” and “moor often than knot” have a wonderful time. Ok ok I’ll give in to “pier pressure” because its “a-boat time” I stopped these terrible puns…

The day started early with a real life Dragon on the mic…


And food on the BBQ…


The boats were in the water ready to be boarded…


Ready for our five teams!

  1. Oarsome Dragons – a group of Health and Wellbeing Public Sector staff from Lancashire who came dressed to distress.
  2. Paddlers for Life Windermere РHost team who have been paddling at Low Wood Dragon Bay for seven years. All Paddlers for Life have been affected by Breast Cancer.
  3. English Lakes Hotels Dragons – Location sponsor for Dragon Bay put in a young team of sixteen people from across the area.
  4. Manchester Dragons – Dressed in orange and arriving in very nice cars these Ford Sales and Service staff were ready to roar.
  5. Paddlers for Life Sarasota – were a composite team of paddlers from all around who would be taking part in an international dragon boat regatta in Sarasota, Florida.

Each team raced each other at least once over races spanning the morning and early afternoon.


The lake started the day very calm for Dragon Bay 2014 but as the wind picked up throughout the day ripples started to form which hampered faster times being posted.


With no rain, but some low lying cloud the views were still spectacular.


The atmosphere on land was great with the wafts of BBQ food and sound of joy from the bouncy keeping us all engaged.


Meanwhile the races started to take their tole on our athletes some of whom were starting to flag after the exertion of the previous battles.


But it was still all smiles!


The teams weren’t just racing to win the day either, competitions for the best team spirit, best dressed and quiz points would play their part in who won the day. Never the less they powered on!


Team English Lakes Hotels Dragons romped home in the final taking winners, but Paddlers for Life Windermere held the fastest time from their first run. Oarsome had the best team spirit and came second in best dressed to the very smart Paddlers for Life Sarasota. But Dragon Bay 2014 Champions of the Day, after all was added up, was Oarsome Dragons. Well done!!


Thanks goes to our safety team, helms, volunteers, English Lakes Hotels, Paddlers for Life, Kenni, Windermere and Ambleside Lions and all the teams who took part!


From English Lakes…

P1010643And Paddlers for Life…

We’ll see you next year!

For information about Dragon Bay 2015 see our Event Agenda.

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